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“EPA” Eggs, Pork & Avocado

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  • “EPA” Eggs, Pork & Avocado

    I love breakfast and I've had to rethink what it is I like for breakfast. I was a ham/sausage and eggs with toast kid of guy. So I started thinking about cold pork & hard boiled eggs. I've been getting those tasty inexpensive thin boneless pork medallions at the market.
    When I cook them, I cook a few extra and chill them in the fridge. The is the first recipe I came up with is "EPA" and is super simple and super tasty. And I simply ditched the toast. And although its breakfast for me it could be a great lunch/brunch or dinner item. Bon Appétit ~zenamerican

    “EPA” Eggs, Pork & Avocado
    Leftover chilled piece of boneless pork, half avocado & one hard boiled egg.
    Dice Pork, Avocado & Egg - stack on plate and add a pinch of paprika.
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    Sounds good.
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      Yum. I have some leftover pork loin roast that I cooked in the crock pot. This would be so easy to take to work, to have for lunch.