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Buffalo Fried Eggs - need a suggestion

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  • Buffalo Fried Eggs - need a suggestion

    Hello all,

    My first thread of my own here. I am trying to ease myself into a Primal-ish lifestyle and for breakfast fried eggs are seeming a simple and quick way to go.

    I am just frying them in some butter and once done adding a little more butter to what is left and adding some hot sauce then poring this over the eggs, simple and quite tasty.

    Now the problem I have lots of nice butter sauce left on my plate, if I was not trying to be primal I could just stick a slice of bread there to mop it up. Do you have any suggestions of what I could use instead? It needs to have zero prep work, a fairly neutral taste and 'mopping' ability, any ideas?

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    Use your tongue... or swap out the plate for a bowl then tip and sip! ... ... ... more in line with what I think you're really asking... put some shredded coconut on it... it is pretty absorbent


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      +1 for the toungue

      get in there and clean your plate.


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        lol yeah that had crossed my mind. I was just trying to think of a way to get more food in there :-)


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          DO IT! DO IT!

          Licking the plate is one of the unexpected pleasures I found in primal eating

          Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
          Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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            Maybe you could slice up some onion (coarsely) and saute it in the leftover butter! Or peppers, if you're not averse to nightshades... Then fry up some chicken sausage. Pop it in the fridge, and bust it all out for an easy lunch.


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              A sheet of nori seaweed is pretty absorbent. But it would be weird to much a mushed up ball of seaweed.
              You can mop up with raw or steamed broccoli...similarly could wilt some spinach in the leftovers.

              You could also try one of the "bread" recipes I've seen here. I really like the one that uses almond flour, coconut shreds, spinach and a few eggs - it's kind of like an primal pancake. But I bet it would rock with butter and hotsauce.
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                I toss a couple handfuls of baby spinach in the pan after I fry eggs.
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                  I usually put my fried eggs on a sweet potato hash brown. With a grater, shred 3.5 ounces of peeled sweet potato and about .75 ounces of onion. Season with salt, pepper, and cinnamon. Drop into a pre-heated pan with some ghee or bacon fat (or both!). Make it into a a flat disk. Cook the bottom until it's brown and crispy. Flip over once and make the other side crispy and brown too. Put your fried eggs right on top. Celebrate.

                  It's pretty much the carbiest part of my day and I'm almost always under 50g.


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                    Wow, jengatron! I will definitely try those hash browns. I don't miss potatoes/noodles/grains/etc and I never got why people went gaga over sweet potato fries. But I do like a baked sweet potato with butter and black pepper ... and I have sliced a leftover baked sweet potato and reheated it in butter with cinnamon ... so your recipe really sounds good to me. Thanks!


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                      You can make yourself a batch of either coconut flour biscuits or almond flour biscuits over the weekend, slice one or two in half and toast while making your eggs...


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                        grated zuc.. makes a nice hash w/a little onion

                        hint* grate zuc.& onion the night before let it set in strainer over night cover w/paper towel.
                        It will drain a lot of water and be a dryer hash..


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                          Originally posted by lizch View Post
                          DO IT! DO IT!

                          Licking the plate is one of the unexpected pleasures I found in primal eating
                          Mr. Ski was so thrilled when I started doing this. We have to remember NOT to when we are out at restaurants or other people's homes though and it is hard now to leave plates with yummy lickables on it.