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Pig's kidney - Oh - My - God

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  • Pig's kidney - Oh - My - God

    I haven't attempted to eat this yet, just defrosted it, cut out the tubes and left it in water with lemon juice. I have never in my life smelled such a stench - probably because, while I've been in some fairly nasty urine-soaked stairwells, I've never been in one with added decaying corpse.

    A great deal of strong anti-bacterial soap and hot water later, my fingers still smell of it, and this makes sitting typing quite unpleasant.

    Yes, I'm still going to try frying the thing up for lunch. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know why.

    This is not a recipe... but if anyone has one, or any tips for making my hands fit for human company again, let me know!

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    i can't, won't, even think about it. i bought kidney once for my dogs and it was so horrible i never bought it again.

    i think it was pork and i think one of my dogs turned their nose up at it.

    that says something.

    try tomato juice on your fingers. or lemons. that was i use for that shrimpy smell.
    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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      Oh that sounds awful. Bleach, toilet cleaner, anything!!

      Will you seriously be able to eat it after being so revolted by the smell? then the texture component...ooh you are brave.


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        It is delicious - fry plenty of onions first then add the kidneys. Yum!

        Lemon juice on hands removes the smell - to some extent anyway!!!


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          er - wear rubber gloves first?

          not inspiring me to eat something that is urine soaked...liver maybe...
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            I'm really hungry by now, so here goes. Mushrooms, bacon, strong tomato sauce (and enough soap under the fingernails does the trick eventually). I remember when I was little and Mum did liver and kidney I always preferred the kidney - but that would've been lamb or calf, not pig. Not daft, my Mum.

            ETA... OK, that was actually edible. Mind you, the only thing I've ever found that I couldn't finish because of the taste was vegan cheese-substitute, so I am in fact less fussy than jrherring's dog. I wouldn't run miles to find this again... lamb or calf next time, methinks.
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