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  • Take to Work/School Meal Ideas

    Hey MDA! I am a college student and one of my biggest problems is finding primal lunches to take with me to school. I would like some ideas for quick meals to take to school. Thanks.

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    I struggled with this for a while to man. My solution was simple, just dont eat lunch. It sounded crazy at first, but after a bit I got used to it. Now i eat once or twice a day depending on when I'm hungry. It's probably not an answer you were looking for, but I thought I would mention it.


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      I normally bring whatever I eat for dinner to lunch the next day since this requires no prep, and most food taste just as fantastic cold the next day.

      Other than that I can recommend cauliflower pizza (takes a little prep, but I usually make the cauliflower rice on Sundays and just store it in the fridge for use during the week.

      Today I made some wraps where the pancakes was a mix of cauliflower and eggs and then just add whatever you like in your wraps.

      Also I often make omelette muffins or almond meal muffins to use as a quick breakfast, lunch or snack.

      You can find pictures of most of it on my blog:

      Last but not least I can definitely second the not eating lunch, I do this 1-2 times a week, but it can be difficult if you have to workout right after lunch.

      Hope you can use some of the suggestions



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        You may want to take a look at Mark's list of primal snack ideas.

        Most of them are easy to prep- I usually like hardboiled eggs, chicken, or avocado. As mentioned above, fasting is always a good option too. Good luck!


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          Saute-ing some greens takes no time, throwing a piece of red meat on the pan takes no time. I made the aforementioned this morning in under 20 minutes including prep time. It does help having access to a microwave, which there should be one somewhere at your school. I did this when I was in college as well, now that I'm in the working world it works just the same. I only do this about twice a week, I fast until 5pm the days that I don't cook. Best of luck.
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            Are you in the dorms, or do you have access to a kitchen/fridge/microwave/stove?

            If you have kitchen access... I'd say just make bigger portions when you do cook and then put them in the fridge to eat during the week. I work/go to school in the evening, so I have to pack for an entire day's eating most days. I have a little tiffin (got it at, which has three compartments, so I can easily carry my food with me, but if you're only at school, you may want to get something more compact?

            I eat lots of chicken/veggies/avocado or potroast/veggies. scrambled eggs and bacon. You could also pretty easily do a BAS (big ass salad). Just get a bigger tupperware, and toss in the lettuce, onions, vegetables (peppers, etc), and chicken, then get a small container for olive oil/balsamic to throw in there when you're ready. Add some avocado and it's a pretty filling lunch and no worries about re-heating. If you cook yourself a quick eggs and bacon breakfast in the a.m. and have a BAS for later lunch, you should be covered for the day.

            Also the snack suggestion is good... maybe some kind of nuts to keep in your backpack just in case you get hungry and didnt' bring snacks. No refrigeration necessary. Or jerky, same thing.
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              I think the biggest question is whether you have access to a microwave. Refrigerator isn't as big a deal, you can always use ice packs and an insulated lunch box/bag.

              I take pretty much anything to work, since I've got a refrigerator and microwave to use. Often it's leftovers from dinner.

              Sometimes I purposely cook things ahead of time to bring for lunches - like baking a bunch of mini meatloaves in muffin cups, or making a big pot of soup, or throwing 5 lbs of (bone-in, skin-on) chicken thighs in the crock pot. I know I'll always have *something* in the freezer that I just need to throw into a container in the morning and let thaw a bit by lunch time.

              I actually eat 90% of my leftovers cold just because I like it that way. I only use the microwave about once every 2 weeks. So I'm probably not one to ask about non-microwaved meals if you don't have access - I honestly am not sure what "normal" people will eat cold and what they need to heat up. =]
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                Here is what I took to work today... took me 10 minutes to put together.

                Left over chili, eggs, a peice of sausage and some frozen berries.

                It really gets no simpler.


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                  Meatballs are good too!


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                    salads. You can literally eat it out of the container, just put some evoo and vinegar!
                    mac nuts are good, raspberries. Also Egg muffins. QUite handy, full of protein. ALready cooked bacon is good as well.