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    Majority of people consider salads to be bland, boring, and down-right tasteless without mounds of their favorite dressing. I've been looking up new ways to make delicious salads, and was hoping you guys would also have some great suggestions..Here is what I've found works well..

    Watercress, apricots, almonds, shallots

    Spinach, cranberries, walnuts, carrots, red onion

    Tomatoes, watermelon, cukes, basil, chives and cilantro

    Carrots, cukes, mint leaves, red wine vinegar

    Fuji apples, lemon juice, tuna, celery, carrots, walnuts, golden raisins

    Beets, carrots, oranges, red onion, walnuts

    Pomegranate, spinach, mint leaves, green onion

    Zucchini, squash, portobello mushrooms, parsley, tomatoes

    Grilled peppers, tomatoes, black olives, red onion, parsley, lemon juice

    Pumpkin seeds, pears, turkey slices and hard-boiled egg, dash of cinnamon and honey

    Apricots, pistachios, lemon juice, parsley

    Mango, avacado, salmon, orange slices, lemon juice

    Peaches, chicken, radishes and avacado

    Phew! What have you got?

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    Jess, what a great list!

    I like spinach, crisped up prosciutto, chopped boiled eggs, tossed in a dijon balsamic vinagrette with some sunflower seeds.

    also broccoli, bacon, mayo, raisins, sunflower seeds. whole foods make it near me, I love it.

    I figured out how to use my mandolin recently and having been shaving fennel finely to put in salads as well.

    going to try out your salads though!


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      I make 6 qts of salad every couple of days in my house and they always have the same base: 2-3 lettuce types (including red leaf, green leaf, romaine, radicchio or whatever others I get from the co-op), grape tomatoes, onion, bell peppers-green, red, yellow, orange & purple (when in season), salad greens (or edible weeds), sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, celery, radishes, olives (green & black), sunflower seeds. Then I throw in the "extra-specials" this last salad had broccoli, fennel and artichokes.

      The next which I'll make tonight for the weekend will have a cabbage base instead of lettuce (thanks to the co-op again) as well as roasted roots and more fennel. Probably some apricot kernels and eggplant.

      When I take a lunch portion I always throw some protein in, chicken, sardines or whatever meat was left over from the night before.

      My next step is to learn to make my own dressings. I'm dwindling down the several bottles of Newmanís Own that I had in the fridge and I haven't replaced any. I also found salad dressing glass bottles at K-Mart so once I run out of the Korg stuff I want to try my hand at making my own (O&V can get boring after a while)...

      Hey Jess, you have such great salad ideas which I plan on trying, any dressing ideas?

      Eat greens to live green! :-)


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        Baby spinach

        orange pieces &/ or strawberries

        cashews or pecans

        red onions

        Goat cheese

        w/ dressing made from Light Rice Vinegar, Greek Yogurt, maple Syrup & poppy seeds. (Needless to say, a little of the dressing goes a long way!).


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          Here is a post from Mark Bittman:

          Great food writer


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            Aw I can't take credit for all of those, I think some I thought of but most were from websites that I recorded (I record a lot.) KJake - I don't usually use dressing, although I wouldn't mind making something similiar to honey dijon mustard (love that stuff..) None of you have salad dry? I get the oddest looks from my roommates (who pour ceasar and ranch on top of..EVERYthing..) but I think fruit, olives or onions put enough taste into my meal.

            How long do your dressings usually last?

            On a mission to help others master movement, build unbreakable strength, & eat MORE food (can't beat that.) Weekly fitness, health & nutrition articles at


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              Jess I either throw on different oils and vinegars fresh each day, or make up a dressing that will last 3 or 4 days.


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                Randomly tried this yesterday because it's all I had around:

                Homemade mayo, tuna fish, garlic powder, artichoke hearts (brine marinated) and a drizzle of the brine

                Serve on whole romaine leaves (like little boats of awesomeness).

                I guess when you eat it like that it's more like a "sandwich" but it's a salad to me.


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                  OOoh AND


                  Toasted pine nuts

                  Slivered red onion

                  Goat cheese

                  Balsamic and olive oil mix

                  Nothing else needed, soooo good. (Though you could totally go crazy and add arugula or raspberries)


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                    spinach, 1 grilled peach, lots of crispy fried bacon, balsamic, and some nuts

                    strawberries, cuces, green apple, slices of steak, balsamic

                    spinach, grilled beets, goatscheese, bloodpudding, raspberries, walnuts, balsamic

                    challenge yourself
                    i blog here


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                      Here is where I got most of my salad ideas...


                      If you ever have the time (and patience) to filter through 101 salad recipes, have at it.

                      On a mission to help others master movement, build unbreakable strength, & eat MORE food (can't beat that.) Weekly fitness, health & nutrition articles at