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  • simple sauce or dressing recipes

    Hi all. Most times when I cook, I don't feel like following a recipe. My preferred dinner of choice is to bake or grill meat and steam some veggies, and then top it all off with a sauce or dressing of some sort. (The cooked version of the Big Ass Salad) Olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic is my standby. Pesto is another easy one.

    Please help me think of more simple sauce ideas. Simple in that it's only a few ingredients, that I can mix together, and only need to reheat or that I can serve right away. (Does anyone blend curry paste & coconut milk? The curry recipes I've seen require you to cook the vegetables in the milk...)


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    Quick puttanesca: diced tomatoes with liquid (canned is fine), capers, anchovies, black olives, garlic, and olive oil with some black pepper and dried oregano. Saute garlic and anchovies in olive oil, then add everything else and simmer until it reduces.

    Quick Vietnamese marinade/sauce: lime, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, scallions, and fish sauce.

    Quick Caribbean marinade/sauce: olive oil, cilantro, chili, lime juice, garlic, chopped red onion, sea salt

    Mexican pico de gallo: cilantro, tomato, red onion, chili, lime juice, sea salt (serve raw)

    Japanese carrot-ginger dressing: in a blender, combine carrots, ginger, shallots, rice or apple cider vinegar, sesame oil, olive oil, and fish sauce (soy is traditional, but I find that Vietnamese fish sauce is a great wheat- and soy-free substitute)
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      Lime coconut cilantro dressing

      Lime coconut cilantro dressing
      1 C cilantro
      3 T lime juice
      1 t rice vinegar
      1 C coconut milk
      2 T coconut oil
      1 t sugar or other sweetener (optional)
      Salt and pepper (optional)

      Throw everything into a food processor.
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        i can always trust olive oil, balsamic vinegarette, mustard, garlic and pepper to be one of the best tasting dressings ever...though sometimes i'll use bacon fat, or add different things to change it up a bit.

        my favorite sauce i've made so far: bacon gorgonzola cream sauce. cook up some bacon bits, remove the meat, add cream and reduce it down, add gorgonzola and bacon bits, and cook and stir until it sticks to the spoon. WARNING--this will only taste good if you are a living, breathing mammal. if by chance you are dead or from another planet, i suggest you try to figure out how to be a mammal.


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          1 stick butter + 1 cup cream + 1 cup parmesan cheese = alfredo sauce. then you've got your variations, like sundried tomato & garlic.

          various vinegars are always good on veggies.

          avocado, coconut milk, & spinach all creamed together is divine.

          as mentioned above, mustard!
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