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  • Stew Club!

    Grok likes Stew right? and Grok likes Clubs right? Oh, not that kind of club? Oh well. Anyways......

    I saw this on a tv show I love the other day and thought it might be good for the primal....

    The idea is you form a club with friends, sports team mates, colleagues or a similar group. Once a week one member cooks enough stew (chilli, curry or similar meat in sauce concoctions too) for each member (and their family) to take home a full meal's worth. Because cooking stew for 20 doesn't take much more effort than cooking stew for 4 its a time saver and you get a stew every week but only need to cook for the club once every [insert number of club members] weeks.

    Since going primal I tend to eat a lot of stews, soups and stoups, curries and chillis and they tend to be the sort of thing everyone does differently (hence making the club more interesting) and so I thought I'd throw a post and a link up about it and see what everyone else thought (btw I'm sure its not an original idea to this tv show but hey, that's where I saw it and the guy is kinda primal in mindset if not in recipe).