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  • Primal Blueprint Cookbook

    I just started eating primal 3 weeks ago, lost 8lbs, and feel soooo much better. My friend who turned me onto it just bought me the Primal Blueprint Cookbook for my birthday last week. I would definitely recommend this to anyone just starting out. I just made the Bison stuffed tomato with egg and it was amazing. I'm making the mashed parsnips tonight and probably the chicken enchiladas tomorrow. Just wanted to give a shout out for Mark for making such an easy to follow cookbook!!

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    I highly recommend it as well! Some of our favorite meals are from the book...
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      I just got the book, have used a few recipes and liked them. The chicken coconut curry was great, especially when I substituted the chicken for rabbit


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        Totally agree...every recipe I've tried so far has been excellent!

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