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I perfected the cauliflower pizza recipe

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  • I perfected the cauliflower pizza recipe

    the recipe I was following was.. Steam a head of cauliflower, rice it & drain off excess water. Than mix with 8oz. shredded mozzerella. I also add salt, pepper, fresh garlic, fresh basil & a homemade hot pepper mash. Than i spread it out (enough for 2) on parchment paper. put on a pizza tray, & bake @ 350. Than take it out & put on pizza stuff, than put under broiler until melted. It seemed to work other than the not being able to pick it up without some serious finess (not my strong suit). Also afraid to serve to guests. So now I got a bad ass dehydrator & it came to me in my sleep. So now I put the raw "dough" in the dehydrator on parchment & left it for 4 hours. It ended up like a tortilla. Pretty dam sturdy. Than I topped it & a few minutes in the broiler & It was rockin. Next attempt I am adding thin sliced onions to the mix for even more support....stay tuned
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