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What did YOU eat for breakfast this morning?

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  • What did YOU eat for breakfast this morning?

    I wouldn't call myself "primal" (I eat a lot of dairy (full fat, don't worry)), though I see the benefits of many of it's precepts and have incorporated a few into my diet. I find that trying to strike a balance between ideas found in books like Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions" and ideas found in paleo resources like Marks' Daily Apple has worked out great for me.

    Anyways, I was wondering what everyone had for breakfast today? Even if this thread is old... keep posting! I want to hear what other peoples' breakfast rituals are so that I might branch out a little bit. (Though, I suppose I don't really have any reason to... I love my breakfasts despite the fact that it's essentially the same thing every day)

    Here is what I have:

    - 1 Cup organic whole milk yogurt

    - 3 slices bacon (pan fried)

    - 3 scrambled eggs (w/ 1-2 tbsp heavy cream whipped in)

    Eggs are topped with:
    - Sautéed mushrooms and onions (I use the bacon fat left in the pan to sautée them).
    - 1-2 Tbsp whole organic sour cream
    - 1-2 Tbsp guacamole


    I realize that for some, this might be huge. For some, small. I eat this much and am satiated until the mid afternoon. This helps a lot since I'm off at school (San Francisco State Univ) most of the early afternoon. I usually take a small snack (a handful of almonds, peanuts, pecans etc.) to satisfy my oral fixation, but I'd be fine without it.

    About 1 year ago, every morning my routine (for quite a long time) had been 2 bowls of cheerios with sugar, rasins, and vanilla soymilk (also known as sugar water) on top. I was hungry less than an hour later when I would arrive for my morning lecture. Upon all my research, I can't really blame my body for feeling hungry! Frankly, I'm surprised I'm not diabetic...

    So let's hear it! What did you eat for breakfast this morning??

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    IF today but yesterday I had a chunk of left over roast beef, frozen blueberries with Mexican sour cream & tea with coconut oil. Yumm.


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      Hey there -- theres already a pretty extensive thread on this.
      - If it was cute and cuddly at some point, eat it. Ignore everything else. -

      - Food is first, and foremost, nothing more than fuel. -

      - The body is animal. The mind, however, is not. -


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        Originally posted by doghead View Post
        Hey there -- theres already a pretty extensive thread on this.
        I tried searching for "breakfast" but couldn't find this. Thanks, doghead.