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Tortilla substitutes.

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  • Tortilla substitutes.


    Anybody have a recipe for non flour tortillas? (or similar). With both of us working / training late some nights, the convenience and speed of a meat and salad wrap is hard to beat. I'm guessing almond flour must be the way to go? I'm pretty good around the kitchen - but baking has isn't really my strong suit.


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    I think there was a thread months ago where someone mentioned making a wrap out of scrambled egg. I think it would work if you cooked it really thin over high heat, like a crepe.


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      Lettuce leaves. Blanched cabbage leaves make great burritos.


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        We use Nori a lot here! Super easy!


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          Scramble 2-3 eggs. Cook in grease of your choice in a frying pan roughly large tortilla sized (you want the egg to be about 1/8- 1/4" thick (no stirring, aiming for an open face omelet type thing.) Flip entire thing when top is mostly cooked through. Let (now) bottom finish cooking and TA- DA! it acts as a tortilla.
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            Originally posted by fluffywanderings View Post
            We use Nori a lot here! Super easy!
            Cool, if I can get them big enough I'll give it a go. That idea with the leaves sounds like a dish we order at the local Chinese restaurant, stuffed with ground pork and nut's or something, can't think of the name though.


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              Mix 1 3/4 cup of egg whites with 1/4 cup heavy cream. Poor about 1/8 of a cup in a greased cast iron skillet. Cook one minute then cover and cook an additional 25 seconds. Makes a great tortilla substitute...especially using anything that contains green chilies.


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                I've had great luck using 1/3 cup almond meal blended with water until I get a runny batter consistency.

                I then cook it like a crepe in a nonstick skillet.

                Works great for me.