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Really fantastic birthday cake?

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  • Really fantastic birthday cake?

    My little girl is turning 4 in less than a month, and I'm looking for a yummy birthday cake to serve her and our non-primal guests. Most of our friends are used to health food, so I'm not worried about shocking anyone with something different (for example, if I served a Little Mermaid cake from the grocery store, they would all be aghast). Bonus points if I can make it pink or purple with fruit juices. I'm okay with sugar, nuts, dairy, etc. just no grains or legumes.

    If I can't find anything else, I'll probably just make a cake (angel food cake maybe) and make a second flourless chocolate tort for the guests who are GF.
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    I made this for my boyfriend's birthday last week. You could definitely tint it very easily with juice - you can already see that the orange zest/juice do it in the photo. I didn't have success with the coconut oil frosting included with the recipe, but since you're okay with sugar/dairy I would probably create a homemade buttercream version. The cake is quite dense!


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      I made FlyNavyWife's cake recently:
      It was very good!


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        This looks pretty:


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          I have had great success with Bruce Fife's chocolate cake recipe. I have served it to non primal folks a few times and no one even bats an eye lash. If you'd like the recipe I will dig it out. I too would go with a traditional butter cream, OR a lovely swiss buttercream, which uses whipped egg whites as well as butter and sugar to make a gorgeous light frosting.
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            We made this gluten-free cake to celebrate Hayley's birthday a few weeks ago. Its only sweetened with raw honey, it uses coconut flour, and kicks any conventional cake's ass -- best cake we've ever had, hands down.

            Not strict primal / paleo due to the semi-sweet chips, but its grain, gluten, dairy, soy and nut free! We got the inspiration for the cake from Elana's pantry, simply since we had never baked a grain-free cake from scratch before.

            Hope this helps!

            The full recipe can be found here:
            Dark Chocolate Coconut Cake


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              Love this coconut flour orange cake!

              And I love the comfy belly cream filled cakes and cupcakes--there are multiple cake recipes there.
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                Oh man...I'm salivating!

                Anyway, I wanted to make a suggestion for pink icing: beet juice! A couple years ago I made a cake with cream cheese icing (softened cream cheese, vanilla, lemon zest, maple syrup) and added some beet juice to the icing. It came out very bright pink, not to mention delicious. To get the juice, I just took some sliced beet and attacked it with the mortar and pestle. I added it to the icing a little at a time until it was the desired shade of pink. Just don't do it too far in advance, since beet juice can turn brownish over time.
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