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Flourless Pie Crust

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  • Flourless Pie Crust

    So with fall setting in I had a hankering for a nice apple pie so I decided to try the recipe found here:

    Did anyone truly have success with this? It says to refrigerate it until ready to use and then roll it out, but guess what happens when you refrigerate something with coconut oil in it! I was hoping the recipe would yield enough to make a proper pie with a crust for both the bottom and top but by the time I took the crust mixture out of the fridge (and found it to be a solid block) I had already prepared the dish and filling and the oven was fully preheated. I ended up just nuking it to soften it up and I pressed it into the bottom of the pie dish and I ended up with an apple tart. Still delicious (almonds and apples are awesome together) but not what I was anticipating. Does anyone have ideas on how to improve this recipe, or alternative crust recipes?