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Help! Primal Eating with Braces?

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  • Help! Primal Eating with Braces?

    I'm getting my braces tightened for the first time early next week, and I probably won't be able to chew very much for the first few days. ( It hurts! )

    Help a guy out with some ideas for Primal friendly soft foods? I figure I'll be doing a lot of fish, squash, and yogurt.
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    It's not that bad. It's painful, sure, but it isn't an "I can't chew" kind of pain, like after you get your wisdom teeth out. It's just soreness.


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      Hehe. I had braces in high school. The day I got them on, my grandparents prepared steak for dinner. It hurt like hell, but I ate every bite, haha. I cut it up smaller than usual and didn't chew that well, but I wasn't about to not eat steak. Even back then I knew that meat was good for you, hehe. I just needed a few more years to discover the evils of grains.

      But yeah, softer foods such as fish and ground/minced meat will probably make your life a little more enjoyable for those few days after tightening. I know I hated having braces, but I'm glad now that my teeth are straight and properly aligned.


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        Ugh, I just got my braces off, so I feel your pain.

        I defintely went with soup and smoothies for a day or two after a tightening.
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          You don't have to chew meat products. Cut them up very small and swallow them without chewing. It may feel weird, but meat digests so easily in our stomachs that if the human throat were big enough to swallow an entire steak we'd still be able to completely digest in a few hours. The idea of chewing your food is something you learned from your mother as a kid and it will seem very crazy to stop because it goes against all your accultruation. it is important to chew plant matter (which isn't as easy to digest and needs to be in small pieces).

          Foods that don't require much chewing are things like heavy cream and ground beef.
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            Eggs of any sort. Ground beef-based meals.