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First meal from the PB cookbook

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  • First meal from the PB cookbook

    Tonight we had our first dinner from the PB cookbook,Moroccan lamb tagine over cauliflower rice and it was lovely.

    Look forward to trying more recipes in the future.Any comments are welcome.What have you tried?

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    I made the deli style roast beef a couple of weeks ago and it was nothing short of the bomb dot com. I was amazed how much flavor came from the rub of salt, pepper, garlic, and dried rosemary.


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      I've made the Moroccan chicken over cauli rice - the family loved that and it was fabulous leftovers also. I made the kebabs with ground turkey. They were very tasty, but didn't grill very well on the skewers - the mixture is too soft and they sort of fell apart. They would be good just made into patties and grilled that way. I also made a tzatziki sauce to go with them for the family.

      Dh made the coconut custard for me, that was also good and I ended up eating it for breakfast for several days.


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        I made the liver pate yesterday, with the right proportions this time (My first attempt, I had nowhere near enough liver, and too much carrot and egg....the result was something that looked remarkably like breastfed baby poop!)

        Just as with oxtail, I'd forgotten how much I love this nutritious food! I was a little worried because I always used to eat it with little squares of buttered toast (and loved it enough that it's one of the first cravings I've had for bread since I started this!) But it turns out that little sticks of celery are great for scooping it up, and the crunch is awesome. Funny thing is, I don't really like raw celery, but whatever taste in it I usually don't like is completely covered up by the pate.

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          Made the Moroccan chicken with cauliflower rice for tea, which was very nice although a bit too lemony. Have the ingredients to make the nut crackers in the week as well
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