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How to make a brunch-style omelet

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  • How to make a brunch-style omelet

    For the past 7 years I've worked at a place that has a pretty awesome breakfast spread. One of the options is a "real" omelet. Here's how it's done:

    Preheat a small skillet (or omelet pan) over medium-high heat, with your choice of oil or fat (add approx 1 tbsp).

    Add whatever the inside of your omelet is going to be into the skillet. I typically do bacon, diced onion, and a clove of garlic (pressed or cut). Stir occasionally to ensure an even cook.

    In a small mixing bowl, add 2 or 3 eggs. You may also optionally add some milk or cream to this (though not *too* much). Whisk with fork until just blended. Season to your preference with pepper and/or salt.

    Once the skillet is ready, pour the eggs in and mix lightly with spatula (to get a good distribution of eggs to filling). Reduce heat to medium. Allow to cook for a minute or so.

    Lift the side of the omelet with your spatula, and tilt the pan so the uncooked egg slides under the spatula. Continue doing this around the edges until most of the loose egg on top is gone. Allow to cook for another 30 seconds or so, to firm up the new egg on the bottom.

    Flip. Okay, I know that sounds intimidating to some of you; it was to me the first few times! Just rock the skillet back and forth to make sure the bottom is loose and give it a flip. You'll probably mess up the first couple of times, but so long as it doesn't hit the floor you should be able to salvage it =)

    Allow this side to cook for another 45 seconds or so, then flip again.

    Remove from heat. Add whatever cheese you're going to use to the the left side of the omelet (in my example omelet, it's 1 oz of Cabot's "Private Stock" sharp cheddar, shredded). Using your spatula, fold the omelet's right side on top of the left side.

    Deposit on to your plate and enjoy =)

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    Thanks. Many people coming off a fast food/microwave SAD diet don't know how easy it is to cook delicious food. (Except for that flipping stuff. LOL. Since I'm not working in a restaurant, I'll stick to flipping with a spatula.)
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      Thanks for that - my hubby and I love omelets but could use the technical help/instructions to make it even better.
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