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    Hi All,

    My husband and I have recently begun our PB journey

    I have a question about Almond Flour... I have been to about 5 different health food stores and I am unable to find it (likewise with the big supermarkets). I can however source Almond Meal and I was wondering what the difference is - if any?

    We are in Australia (SA), if anyone has any clues on where to get it that would be even more appreciated!


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    Hey mate, here's a good place for ya:

    BTW, I found that by doing a search for "almond flour" in thread titles... not sure if this link will work, but let's try:

    almond flour search

    There's a handful of other threads you can check out too.

    Oh, and welcome to MDA! I hope you're OK with kicking ass, and watching other people kick ass, because that's pretty much all we do here. Except for those banana guys, they just ARE ass.

    Anyway, yeah, I'll shut up and let you get to your almond flour threads. Yum-may.


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      Almond meal and almond flour are the same thing.
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        I hate to be "that person" but almond meal = whole, ground almonds and almond flour = blanched almonds with skins removed and sifted to a finer "flour". The latter works better for pastries and cookies since it's lighter and finer than the meal. It's kind of frustrating since Bob's Red Mill (a brand in the U.S.) labels their packages as "Almond Meal/Flour".

        It's pretty easy to make your own almond meal (almonds + food processor or even a coffee grinder) but making almond flour would be a little tougher.


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          I personally prefer coconut flour mainly because coconut pancakes are so tasty.


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            as stated above, almond meal is NOT the same as almond flour. the best stuff to use for most baking is anything other than the bob's red mill; has some great place to order it. i've not been able to find it anywhere either, so i'll probably end up ordering it soon. there are lots of uses for almond meal, but the almond flour is more elusive & quite expensive. so far, i've made stuff with coconut flour, & i like it.
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              At $11/# at the store near me, I'm guessing I'll never find out about Bob's.


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       If you sign up for their newsletter and be patient they email out 10% off codes occasionally. I bought the 25# box and it's a super good price. Kept in the freezer I assume it will last for quite a while. The only problem is all the delicious stuff I can make from it... Gotta limit myself.