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quick easy, savory crock pot chicken

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  • quick easy, savory crock pot chicken

    this is something the kids and i like that is really tasty and quick, probably a total of abotu 15 minute prep time.

    in the morning, slice up an onion and spread the slices on the bottom of the crock pot. drop in a whole frozen chicken and cover the chicken with strips of raw bacon. pour about a cup of italian dressing over the chicken, add some fresh ground black pepper and cook on low while you are away.

    an hour before dinner at veggies and some other stuff..
    slice up the following vegetables-squash, carrots, celery and mushrooms. go heavy on the mushrooms and celery. fineley chop about a half cup of cilantro.

    at the sliced veggies to the pot, add another cup of the dressing, sprinkle on the cilantro and some more pepper. "stir" the veggies so they get coated evenly with the juices and the cilantro. cook on high for about an hour or untill the veggies just start to get tender.

    its about 5 minutes effor in the morning and 10 minutes effort in the evening. with a good sized chicken and a small family it is a couple of meals.