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Cauliflower "Rice" Pilaf

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  • Cauliflower "Rice" Pilaf

    I made this Pilaf to go with ground lamb coconut-milk curry this past weekend. It tasted fabulous, even if I say so myself

    Cauliflower Rice Pilaf


    Butter/Ghee - lots, ok I used about 3 Tbs

    Pine nuts - a handful

    cardamom - 1-2

    cinnamon - 1"

    cloves - 3-4

    bay leaf - 1

    star anise - 1 (optional)

    mint - 1 Tbs chopped (optional)

    raisins - a few (optional)

    Onion - 1 medium, thinly sliced

    Cauliflower - 1 medium, finely chopped, or pulsed in a food processor

    Heat the butter/ghee in a pan and add all the dry spices (except bayleaf) and fry till fragrant. Add pine nuts and fry till golden. Add raisins and fry till they plump up. Add bay leaf - it browns really quick, so be careful not burn it - and add the sliced onions. Saute till the onions turn golden (or really dark if you like them caramelized). Add the chopped cauliflower and the mint and stir for a few seconds and cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes or so till the required level of doneness is reached. Make sure you stir every now and then to prevent it from charring. Season with salt. Serve with your favorite curry.

    This recipe was inspired by a picture FlyNavyWife had posted. Her food pics are just awesome.

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    thanx for an excellent recipe!

    I love indian food and so do my husband and MIL. from my last trip to Delhi i brought enough spices to last a year and still have some left

    im sooo craving it already

    challenge yourself
    i blog here


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      Yum that does sound wonderful maba, thanks for the idea! The jambalaya with cauliflower instead of rice is delicious too, and my husband really likes it (he thought he didn't like cauliflower before, turns out it just needed a makeover!). Indian food in general sounds great right now, looks like it's going on the shopping list for next week

      You are what you eat,
      and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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        Thank you girls. I hope you like it. I should post the curry I made to go with this too - it was really simple and oh-so-full-of-fat


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          maba, I want to be your apprentice!

          Can I move in with your for couple of weeks?

          We have this local-jewel Indian restaurant that we like to go to and anytime we go I like to try a new dish. I then go home and look for a recipe and try to recreate it but it never tastes even close to the stuff they serve at that restaurant. One time I asked the owner if I could volunteer to work in their kitchen, and she just laughed


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            @CC69: Come on over anytime! I'm no great cook by any stretch of imagination but I do have some decent tried and tested recipes passed on from my mum and grandma. If there's anything that you particularly like, I could try a primal version and post it here.


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              If we could achieve a Cauliflower Biryani of some sort, my boy would be ever so grateful!

              I would make the non-Primal version just for him (because he's worth it); but he thinks it's too much trouble if I am not having it, too.

              Thanks in advance, Food Goddess!


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                Oh kuno1chi, that's one dish I want to work on too. If I must eat a non-primal rice-based dish, it had better be biriyani! I'll try working on it and if turns out well, I'll post the recipe here.

                ETA: Me? Food Goddess?? You're too kind.


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                  I would die for a primal cauliflower biryani as well! THe rice recipe looks delicious though! Will have to try it with my curry!


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                    Okay, the Manhattan Project Of Biriyani has begun!

                    I will, however, be making your Pilaf soon, maba...going to get some goat tomorrow.