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Christmas Day - Getting in early

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  • Christmas Day - Getting in early

    Having just purchased our first house and subsequently finding that we are doing things very tough financially at the moment, I'm starting to plan our christmas "splurge" foods/menu so that I can start purchasing ingredients a bit at a time over the next few months to hopefully avoid a massive food bill just before christmas.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for yummy primal alternatives to the usual christmas day fare?

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    I've got no idea what the usual Christmas day fare is in Australia - can you let us know so we can all offer suggestions?
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      Hi Mayness,

      Sorry about that. I keep forgetting that our climates differ....

      As my partner and I live in Tasmania, the climate is more similar to a California christmas than a very hot, unbearable christmas (unless we get a major heatwave) so I like to go the full nine yards and do a baked lunch and dinner (with some cold meat and salad for those who want both hot and cold) with baked vegetables and lots of baked sweets and desserts, not to mention all of the "snack" foods on the table for during the day. Not sure that m&m's really count as snacks anymore though.


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        With a few little tweaks you can make a pretty primal roast turkey/ham etc with trimmings - e.g. using sweet potato, celeriac or butternut squash as a roast potato substitute, mashed caulflower insted of regular mash etc. Off the top of my head, desserts could include chocolate pots (I just melt dark chocolate in cream (you could also use coconut milk I guess) and pour it into individual remekins and leave to set) or how about berries/ fruit salad with cream?

        In terms of stocking up on things though, it depends on how much freezer space you have as I imagine most of what you'd want would be better bought nearer the time if it can't be frozen - ie meat and veggies. If you don't have room to freeze much how about things like coconut milk, olives, nuts or if you indulge in them, good dark chocolate and wine?

        Another way of minimising the financial effects of Christmas might be to use any saving schemes offered by your local shops or even set up a special bank saving account and adding a little bit each week.


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          I have already pre-ordered My Rib Roast from my Grassfed Beef Farmer..... $$$$ but I won't eat beef any other way! Will provide standard baked potatoes for my non primal in -laws, I will have twiced baked mashed cauliflower, roasted brussel sprouts with carmelized onions and bacon, Shrimp with horseradish cocktail sauce, oh and lots of creamed horseradish to go with the rib roast which will have a red wine aus jus. Dessert will be coconut flour pound cake.....