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Looking for a pizza recipe?

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  • Looking for a pizza recipe?

    Go check that one out! I stumbled upon it and the kids and I made it tonight. It's easy to make and was really good! My husband would like a more crust like crust that he can pick up and dip more easily, but that was the only complaint. Taste-wise he liked it. We all did! It'll definitely be one of our faves!

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    I make a similar crust and it is crispy enough to pick up and dip if you like. I just bake the crust before I put the toppings on and then bake again. Sorry, I don't know the amount of time for the first baking, just long enough to make it crispy.


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      That's how this worked too...I don't think I made the crusts thin enough, though. Does your recipe have the same measurements?