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Primal Blueprint Cookbook Nutritional Breakdown?

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  • Primal Blueprint Cookbook Nutritional Breakdown?

    Hi everyone!
    Since I'm trying to lose weight I want to try and calculate the nutritional breakdown of items in the new Primal Blueprint cookbook... But I don't see any in the cookbook! I tried to calculate using FitDay, for the Nut Bars, and came up with 1/12 of the recipe (with dark chocolate chips included) = 311 calories, 42 g of fat, 16.3 g of carbs, and 8.75 g protein. But boy did that take me AGES. And I'm not even sure i got it right. Anyway, these results suggest to me I better not eat too many of these (like I have been because they are soooo good).

    Are the nutritional breakdown values available for the cookbook somewhere? I tried searching for this info on the site but wasn't able to come up with anything.