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Help need a veggie burger recipe

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  • Help need a veggie burger recipe

    my husband has been vegetarian for most of his life. This is not going to change. He does eat eggs and a small amount of cheese (he doesn't like milk or yoghurt)

    He gets most of his protein from eggs, whey shakes, and up to now soy and beans. - he used to do a lot of bread and grains but I got him off of these.
    Normally for dinner he makes those soy patties which are crappola for health.

    Does anyone have a good primal veggie burger type recipe. I figure I could make a batch on the weekend and then cook them up during the week.

    I have found a soy mince - I know soy is not great - but this one is with no additives/colors, is organic and fermented. Basically it is like tempeh.

    Otherwise other ideas are appreciated.

    I tried Marks Enchilada recipe and used the mince in there and he loved it! Said it was better then restaurant. Has anyone used almond milk or coconut milk in this recipe?
    I couldn't find poblano chile so just used what I had - do you know what a similar item would be?


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    Hmmm.... interesting thought. My daughter is veggie, too, so I'll be watching this one. She's finally accepted that wheat is making her digestion have issues, so wants to get off of that, but finding good stuff to replace can be difficult.

    As far as the enchilada recipe, I believe they say green chiles (small can) to replace the poblano,. That's what I used and it came out great...
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      I'd like to know the anser to this one as well.


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        Fermented soy - like traditional tofu or tempeh - is probably the least evil form of the bean.
        Errrrrrr.... thinking back to the '90s veggie burgers my friends had, they seemed to be various diced vegetables mixed into a kind of mashed potato? If you mixed egg in with that to bind it, it might work??

        Good luck


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          Do you have a Trader Joe's around you? We used to get these "burgers" from them that were made by a heart surgeon and they were 100% vegetable. Maybe you could buy them and use it for inspiration? We loved them. Your H wouldn't be getting tons of protein in these from veggies, but maybe you could use enough egg for binding it would be ok?


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            haha no trader joe or wholefoods in new zealand.. i wish. i was thinking of that - veggies and eggs and maybe almond meal or something to use all that darn stuff up i make.

            might have to get jamie oliver on it and try something creative.