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Sprouting & drying Pumpkin seeds

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  • Sprouting & drying Pumpkin seeds

    Time for pumpkins!

    Any sprouting geeks out there who can tell me whether the pumpkin seeds are more digestible if they are sprouted? I'm scooping them out of a wet environment--do the pumpkin innards help to pre-sprout the seeds in any way?

    If so, any recommendations on how to sprout - throw in a bowl of water and salt? How long? I don't really want sprouts, I just want the seeds to be more digestible for a crispy-dried snack.

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    when i sprouted EVERYTHING, i put some in a jar with water overnight. rinse and put some cheesecloth over and tip so the seeds are spread out evenly. rinse 2x day until tiny tail appears. ready for drying. you don't have to let them get freakishly big. you could just soak 'em overnight and that does the trick as well;-) to dry just use dehydrator or oven on lowest setting until dry. simple.
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