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  • Black pudding

    Not too sure if Black pudding is allowed....can anyone help.

    The other is sweet potato ?

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    I think most black puddings are made with some kind of filler (bread/oats) so that would be out unless you could find one that is made without filler. Sweet potatoes are great as long as you're not really trying to cut carbs.


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      Ooooooooooooooooo, black pudding.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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        Originally posted by ukmase View Post
        Not too sure if Black pudding is allowed....can anyone help.
        What's in them will vary according to which country you're in. In Britain and Ireland they usually have some oatmeal (and possibly pearl barley) in. In France they might have breadcrumbs or semolina, or they might not contain cereals at all. U.S., Spain, etc. I don't know about.

        I guess Mark's advice would be to avoid grains most of the time - I think he says somewhere he wouldn't turn down pasta offered by a relative. What you're able to tolerate obviously depends on the individual. A coeliac would have to skip the black pudding. But the rest of us might do better to.

        If you love the stuff but really don't want to eat any cereals there are two possible options. The first is to google something like "gluten free black pudding" and find a supplier. You might find that it has rice or something in instead, but that might be somewhat more innocuous than wheat or oats.

        The second is to find some genuine French boudin noir of the sort that doesn't have cereals in - if you're really hardcore primal and have access to blood and flair fat (fat from round the kidneys) you could even make it yourself. For example Boudin de Lyon contains:

        5 pints blood
        1 lb. flair fat
        1 lb. chopped onions
        oz. pepper
        1 oz. quatre-epices
        4 oz. salt
        A dash of paprika
        Plenty of chopped chives, parsley and thyme
        gill of good brandy

        (That's from a book published in England, so those would be Imperial 20 fl. oz. pints (not the old "Winchester wine pint" of 16 fl. oz. that's still used Stateside) and the gill would be 5 fl. oz.)

        If you can find a supplier of something like Boudin de Lyon or Boudin de Languedoc ( more meaty - has meat as well as blood and fat in it) you'll be both lucky and pretty much fully primal.


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          I guess i will need to put this in the 80/20 cateogry.....My breakfast would be pretty poor without it. I have a shake one day then a primal fry up the next - 2 sausage, 2 bacon, grilled tomato and a slice a black pudding.


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            I've been avoiding black pudding because of the grains. Sweet potato - yes. Lots of potassium there!