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Weirdest meats to eat and which part?

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  • Weirdest meats to eat and which part?

    We have a great restaurant in Edinburgh called Kubla Khan, or something. Anyway it does real fancy meats like Crocodile, Ostrich etc and it got me thinking....

    What is your favourite unconventional meat? (ie not turkey, chicken, beef)

    What is your favourite cut?

    Having spent 4 months in France - mine at the moment is leg of duck (confit du canard) where the meat is literally falling off the bones.

    "The confit is prepared in a centuries-old process of preservation that consists of salt curing a piece of meat (generally goose, duck, or pork) and then poaching it in its own fat.

    To prepare a confit, the meat is rubbed with salt and garlic, then covered and refrigerated for up to 36 hours. Salt curing the meat acts as a preservative.

    Prior to cooking, the salt is brushed off the meat and it is patted dry. The meat is then placed in a cooking dish deep enough to contain the meat and the rendered fat, and placed in an oven at a low temperature (170 275 Fahrenheit/ 76 - 135 degrees Celsius).[1][2] The meat is slowly poached at least until cooked, or until meltingly tender, as little as 90 minutes or as long as 10 hours."

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    Believe it or not, rattlesnake and venison top my list. Venison chili and braised rattler.
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      Confit de Canard is disgustingly good.

      I've got some good recipes for it, although they're not really primal.
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        I eat venison, duck, rabbit, pheasant, wild turkey... which I guess are slightly unusual. Lamb isn't weird but is really hard to find around here if it's not Easter. I've eaten squirrel years ago, that might be the weirdest one. =]

        I loooove making "corned venison".. like corned beef, but with venison. When it comes to venison I have NO CLUE what cuts I'm eating - my dad butchers it and generally just throws some into 1-2lb packages for me without labeling what it is.
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          Raccoon is my favorite wild meat. Kangaroo, gator, and ostrich are all good too. I liked coyote too.

          Two of my favorite cuts (beef-wise) is tongue and heart. I think I like them better than steak- lol.


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            the lamb is a weird thing, we get it all year round, from New Zealand out of season and british lamb from May to about September. i would have thought it would have been super available in the states!

            venison is on my shopping list for the weekend, i get paid Friday!

            When i was in France, there was an awesome dish called "hunters pot" which was wild boar, venison and something else in a red wine/very rich sauce. deeee-lish!

            must find a receipe for it that's "legal"

            although - don't think rattlesnake would be highly available here.

            I love veal too! but in terms of what we can get in the supermarkets or farmers market here - pretty limited!

            Scottish Sarah

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              I LOVE goat, but that's probably not too weird.

              But have eaten, and loved, Springbok, Ostrich, Kudu, Eland and Zebra.
              One of these days when I have money, I'm going to order some of these online and have a Wild Things BBQ