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    Okay, so total rookie question, but I'm not very good at cooking meat. It's all well and good to read a bunch of specific recipes, but I figure there are no better people to ask for *basic* meat cooking tips than a bunch of primal folks!

    I was vegetarian as I learned to cook, and I'm not even that super at cooking anything, but meat is especially challenging. And being primal, I need to feel more motivated to eat meat! I love meat when it's well-prepared, but when I make it it's never quite right. So I tend to surrender to my roommate's George Foreman, which eliminates precious, precious fat.

    What are your favorite meats and favorite ways to cook them? I'm sure I can find directions for certain techniques, I'm just never sure which to use!
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    fatty roast + crock pot + 8-12 hours = you cant mess it up.

    You'll learn that some cuts need to be cooked long and slow to get nice and tender, whereas a decent steak you will want to cook quickly to get the sides done and leave the middle nice and rare. Dont be afraid to experiment in teh kitchen!


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      Originally posted by MeatMe216 View Post
      a decent steak you will want to cook quickly to get the sides done and leave the middle nice and rare. Dont be afraid to experiment in teh kitchen!
      Make sure the frying pan is really nice and hot as well.
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        Take a tough cut of meat (bottom round, brisket, stuff like that), sear it, and chuck it in the slow cooker w/ beef or chicken stock and spices (in addition to garlic and onion: parsley, oregano, basil for an Italian flair; turmeric, coriander, cardamom, cumin, bay leaf for Indian; pepper, sesame oil, ginger for Eastern) for 6- 12 hours on low, or until the meats starts falling apart as you flip it. By the way, flip the meat every couple hours or so, but don't sweat it if you don't remember it. Add complementary veggies when it starts falling apart, cook until veggies are tender. Serve.
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          wish I knew that about bottom round! I'm eating it as we speak.. marinated overnight... but I'm not a fan of it off the grill, even though that's what the package said to do... bleh... I'll eat it anyways.


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            I don't know what I am technically doing, but I am going through a phase where I buy lamb cutlets, get home, cover them in salt and pepper and just shove them in a baking tray in the oven at 200 deg Celsius, sometimes with pumpkin and onion drizzled in oil, and by the time of I finished stuffing around and settling in, its all cooked, beautiful and tender. I cook steaks the same way.

            I changed from the George Foreman mainly because its no good for uneven cuts, such as cutlets. I went through a stir fry phase but I can never get everything cooked right - something is often overcooked and something undercooked. So, no fuss baking (I think) I am hooked on this method and hooked on cutlets right now too - cold cutlets are yum for breakfast too!


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              Ribeye / porterhouse.

              Marinate in Italian salad dressing (oil/vinegar etc) over night, then toss it on the grill till done.

              eat and enjoy.
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