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    Hi all,

    My husband and I are planning our first backpacking trip since going primal. Instead of relying on the old standbys of cliff bars and oatmeal, we're trying to come up with a menu that is fully primal, but still light to carry. We love Mark's primal bar recipe, but since the binder is coconut oil, after a day in a hot backpack they will surely turn into a mushy mess.

    So... we'd sure appreciate any ideas you might have on primal recipes that would work for backpacking. Esp. energy bar recipes that will hold up without refrigeration, or meals that would pack a lot of energy. Any suggestions would be great!

    Thanks much,


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    How long is the trip? I've done some good 3-4 day mountaineering trips primal, but I find it easier to thnk less about specific meals and more about just keeping food handy and getting it "onboard" before I get hungry. Some favorite supplies:

    Nuts, dried fruits, sardines/kippers, prosciutto, beef jerky, vials of olive oil. If you own a dehydrator, dry ground beef & veggies too for an added punch and great soups.

    Not-quite-primal supplies: chicken/beef bulion (no Msg) hard cheeses, steel-cut oats, dried beans (powdered).

    The other thng I've been meaning to try is real pemmican, supposedly delicious and extremely sustaining. You can buy it online or make it with a dehydrator

    Oils and fats are heavier than dehdrated carbs, but pack a lot more calories and are a lot tastier to eat.

    Have fun - where are you going?

    Key suppli


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      ive been hiking in lapland for about 10 years both summers and winters, the longest hike ive made was 2 ,5 weeks with hikingskies down from Kilpisjärvi. For the last few years pemmican has been a staple. And it is very easy to make. all you need is beef tallow, ground dried meat and ground dried berries. You can add also nuts and a little bit of honey for exaple. before discovering pemmican i used to make my own proteinbars, but pemmican is definately superior.

      I have also dehydrated ground beef- its really a great addition!

      in lapland dried reindeer is the best fastfood

      ofcourse the usual- nuts and dried fruits and berries

      challenge yourself
      i blog here


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        Thanks for all the advice Eva & Josh!

        We are going to hike 5-6 days in Yosemite, from Tuolumne Meadows to the Valley Floor, visiting a couple of High Sierra camps on the way (hoping to obtain a few hot meals through the lottery they have.) The pemmican & dried bean powder were new ideas we hadn't thought of. But we've never tried either of them. If you have good sources where these can be bought, please advise.