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new recipe & call for your favorites.

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  • new recipe & call for your favorites.

    hey guys - i'm very, very excited to share this latest with you. there's more explanation over at the blog, but basically, although i'm happy being primal, occassionally there's a favorite, usually seasonal dish that i realize i can't eat anymore, & that makes me sad!

    enter my quest to find a gluten-free alternative to peach kuchen. thanks to the oopsie crust recipe, i totally did it. \o/

    i grew up eating a lot of polish, hungarian, & german cuisine, & although there's a lot of primal fare within those cultures to enjoy, i'm a little sad that paprikash with dumplings is out of the question, you know? perogis are obviously right out, & i don't even want to think about christmas without my mom's nut roll.

    although i tend to dislike all the frankenfood you find on a lot of gluten-free blogs, using gross things like corn starch & soy flour, i do want to try my hand at true primal alternatives to a lot of old family favorites, using real ingredients like eggs & coconut milk. the nuts are primal enough, but i wonder if i can piece together some things for the bread part of my mom's nut roll?

    meanwhile, i wondered if any of you had any luck re-creating any of your family favorites? there seems to be quite a number of true veggie lasagnas out there using zucchini & the like, & i've seen more than one "meat loaf" out there that's perfectly grain free. has anyone made any die-hard ethnic cuisine without grains? obviously, meat + veggies in ethnic cooking is easy - chicken paprikash tastes the same whether it's being served over veggies or dumplings, & we often make chicken & broccoli alfredo without the pasta. we just make sure to have lots of broccoli! but i was thinking of ways you've gotten around the bread issue of some cultural things.

    if you have made anything like this, would you mind sharing the recipe? i'd love to start an index of things like this. thanks so much you guys!
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    Here are some great ones!!

    Almond Pumpkin Bars
    Crustless Ground Beef Quiche
    Almond Coconut Pork -Nutty Kitchen
    Thai Basil Beef from Nutty Kitchen
    Ginger Salmon with Basil from Nutty Kitchen
    Paleo Lasagna
    Primal Meat Sauce
    Butter Chicken


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      Awesome. Thanks for the links - I'll definitely be trying some of these!
      And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair
      Kahlil Gibran


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        I've found ways to Primalize most of my favorite foods from growing up:
        Stir- fry- needs no help
        Chicken and dumplings- replace dumplings with zucchini or dumpling squash
        Pad thai- uhhhh... still working on that one. The zuke noodles failed
        Spag- use zuke noodles
        chicken noodle soup- squash noodle, raw
        lamb tomatillo stew- replace potatos w/ turnips
        ham croissants- I'm leaving those alone. If I find an actual sub for those, I'm in trouble.
        summer saturdays- replace baked potato with baked sweet potato, chicharonnes for chips, and remove corn. Leave meat, gazpacho, salad, veg platter, salsa, guac, and caprese salad in place
        Winter foods- replace potato with turnip or sweet potato. If it's a crusted meal (chicken pot pie, leftover pie, beef pockets), remove crust from recipe or replace with almond flour, coconut flour, or meat crust recipe.
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