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Coconut Almond Dressing from PB Cookbook

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  • Coconut Almond Dressing from PB Cookbook

    Does this have a stong coconut flavor? My husband doesn't like pineapple or coconut! (I know...what am I going to do with him?) My 7 year old asked if we could make shrimp burgers and I found the recipe for shrimp cakes in the cookbook. I'm going to try the dressing, but I'm wondering if I should have a second option on hand. Any suggestions for a second dipping sauce would be great! Thanks

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    For seafood cakes (shrimp, canned salmon), I like to make a simple sriracha mayonnaise, 3 parts homemade mayo, 1 part sriracha chili sauce. This is a bit spicy, so you might want to adjust the amount for kids. I have also made a sesame mayo that is good with fish, 1/4 cup homemade mayo, 1 T soy sauce or tamari or liquid aminos, 1/2 t sesame oil. Finally, if those don't appeal, you can try guacamole.


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      thanks! The chili sauce sounds good! And I never thought about guac! My daughter and I love avocados, so they're already in the house! Thanks...we'll be giving this all a try this week!