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What do dairy-free folks find especially delicious?

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  • What do dairy-free folks find especially delicious?

    I love the Primal way of eating, but after reading the autoimmune success thread, I've concluded that I should really give up dairy if I am serious about healing my MS.

    One thing I adore about PB is indulgence in treats such as heavy cream on blueberries. There is nothing better. But if I give up cream (and Parmesan on veggies, etc.), what can I eat that gives me the same sheer pleasure? I know there are lots of excellent dairy-free foods, but I'm searching for something as spectacular as blueberries and cream (coconut cream on blueberries is just not as wonderful). Can any of the dairy-free folks tell me about the foods you adore?

    Or... could it be true that cream is not as bad as other dairy products? I read this on the site:

    Apr 2010
    Heavy cream is usually 40% fat or higher. There's very little lactose and casein in it which are the only reasons to avoid dairy. I eat a pint of heavy cream per week in various forms. Avoid milk and half and half but don't worry about cream and butter unless you notice adverse effects from all dairy.

    Could he be right? Could heavy cream be safe even for those of us with autoimmune conditions?

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    Coconut cream... Put a can of coconut milk in the fridge for a couple of hours. and then when you take it out and open, the cream is on top!
    Scoop out only the cream, whip it up and it is a dream. And it's dairy free too
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      Thanks, LowCarbPrincess, I will definitely try that, it sounds great.

      Anyone else? As i cruise around this site looking for treats that people consider heavenly, I find that so MANY of them contain cream, cream cheese, sour cream, mascarpone. I want some heavenly dairy-free food.


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        dairy makes a good 20%. I seem to be okay as long as I dont make it a diet staple. A little heavey cream every now and then is fine IMO.
        Almond butter and 85% cocoa is also heavenly.


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          I think you also might find that your taste for coconut milk or cream changes after not having dairy cream for a month or two.

          Personally, I find nuts with fruits or veggies to be sheer pleasure


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            Janja- I'm in the same boat as you. From everything I've read, it doesn't appear that anyone can give a definitive answer as to the casein amount in HWC and butter. I have an autoimmune disease but, dammit, I don't want to say farewell to HWC and butter too! I could, ostensibly, live without cheese or yogurt or milk but alllllll dairy?

            On an upnote, I really have grown to love coconut milk. I keep a couple of cans ever at the ready in the fridge. It might grow on you.
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              Thank you, MeatMe. Do you mean you combine almond butter with cocoa???

              You may be right, avocado (about taste changing). I know my taste for sugar has definitely gone way down. And you're right about fruit and nuts, too. I remember I used to splurge on almonds and grapes--one of each in each bite.

              Thanks, say-rahhh, you know exactly what I mean! I'm going to get some coconut milk today.