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  • sucky steaks

    Yesterday I bought boneless rib eye steaks from WF's & grilled them. They sucked! What did i do wrong. It was how I imagine prison food. (club fed).
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    Were they grassfed steaks? Could be just speed of cooking....need high heat, cook fast, and cook to rare to medium usually. If you over cook them, especially grassfed they can get chewy. Or maybe it was just a fluke?

    If you are new to cooking steaks, cast iron skillets are great for cooking. I wrote up tips on my website if you are interested here.
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      I have been preparing ribeye in a cast iron skillet finished in the oven. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, heat cast iron skillet until it is screaming hot, add a touch of coconut or olive oil. Have steak at room temperature for half an hour before cooking. Place in hot pan for about 3 1/2 minutes. Turn, and immediately place in oven, I leave it for about 9 minutes, then remove promptly to a plate or cutting board (or it will continue to cook) which makes a thick steak medium rare.


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        Originally posted by Chairdr View Post
        It was how I imagine prison food. (club fed).
        Club Fed food is TVP. Sounds like you may have overcooked the steaks.


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          Have steak at room temperature for half an hour before cooking.

          <CW>AAAAAAaahhhhhh, you will surely die! Don't you know that is the prime temperature for bacteria multiplication?!?! Run! Hide the children!! *runs/stumbles off waving hands wildly*</CW>
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            I left a bunch of lamb chops on my counter last night to defrost for like 5 hours and my buddy said they would be poisonous now.


            They are in my crockpot right now so I clearly heed his advice.