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  • New (to me) cut of meat

    I have two "beef shanks." They look look like cross-section marrow bones with a good deal of surrounding meat. They are about an inch to inch and a half thick. I have no idea what to do with them. I don't have much in the house and it's a long way from payday, so I need to keep it simple.

    I am at your mercy!

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    You could try something like osso bucco using what you have in the house and beef shanks instead of veal shanks. Here is a recipe I found online.

    Or you could just cook the beef shanks with a bunch of veggies in broth (or water if you don't have broth) for a long time. The meat should fall off the bones and the veggies and liquid should make a really good sauce. That is what I would do.


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      Try this recipe - Dog Heaven Marrow Bone Soup. This is the blog post about it, but the recipe is on the recipe page of my blog. It is really good - my dog was salivating while it was cooking, hence the name. The marrow will melt into the soup and the meat will fall off the bone.


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        We usually do Osso Bucco with shanks and serve over 'mashed cauliflower'........long low moist cooking is best for them no matter the recipe you choose.
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          the shank recipe in the PB cookbook is phenomenal!

          DH made some shanks a month or so ago that were really good...I'll see if he can find the link again for them.
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            All sound promising--thank you!

            I put them back in the freezer almost right after I posted this because I remembered I'm meeting people for dinner tonight, and then I'll be out of town for a few days. Don't know what I was thinking.

            But when I get back, I think this is going to be first meal.


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              The osso bucco sounded good enough that it made me want to go out and try beef shank. However, I'm looking at the price list from the local farmers market's usual vendors and I don't see "shank" listed. One has "shank" listed under lamb and "soup bones" listed under beef. I'm guessing the "soup bones" would have considerably less meat than the shank?


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                Shank is when it comes from a cow and osso bucco is when it comes from veal. Being veal, osso bucco is fairly tender when slow cooked, a beef shank would be stewing beef simply because the nature of the muscle in the leg is so tough. (As a general rule: the closer you get to the hoof the tougher the meat gets).