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Substitutes for coconut flour?

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  • Substitutes for coconut flour?

    I've just got the PB cookbook and several recipes call for coconut flour. I live in New Zealand and can't find this.

    I have found: pea flour, chickpea flour, buckwheat flour, soya flour, rice flour. Any of these any good?

    What about processing desiccated coconut, would that be OK? Any ideas will be much appreciated, thanks!

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    I would not willingly ingest any of those. Can you find almond meal?

    In the US you can't find coconut flour everyplace either, but you can order it online. Is that not an option for you? A little goes a long way, so even if it's expensive, it lasts.


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      Thanks, I'll have to investigate the almond meal, and also ordering online, thanks for your response.


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        I've put dessicated (unsweetened) coconut in the food processor with good results.


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          Hi JRNZ you can get Coconut Flour from it's approx $18 per kg and he doesn't charge postage if you spend $25. My local health food shop stock it but they charge quite a bit more for same product.
          I think it will become more popular as more people ask for it. I have asked a local organic bulk shop here in Palmerston North to see if they can get it in as they stock a lot of gluten free products for customers. A little goes a long way with coconut flour.
          Personally I don't think desiccated in processor is the same, the flour is much finer and defatted (yes I know we'd rather have the fat) and therefore much drier and thus keeping qualities are longer possibly or maybe my processor just doesn't get it fine enough for me.
          Good luck.
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            I got my coconut flour from Think it was about $25 for 2kg. Heaps cheaper than Tropical Traditions. And local to boot!!
            I find that almond meal can be a bit to granular to use for pancakes so I just use coconut meal (done in the Thermomix). I tried the coconut flour and it was actually a bit glaggy. So I will be trying 50:50 flour:meal next time.


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              Thanks very much for your help guys! The coconut flour at Zenian is out of stock for three weeks, and I can't get on to the site, but I will keep trying! I also haven't found any almond meal yet either. Dying to try those pancakes, and fish cakes too!


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                You can grind almonds to get almond meal, it will be the same as the unbleached meal version, but not as the bleached almond flour which has the skins removed and is more finely ground. I prefer almond meal as a coating on things like chicken, and coconut flour for pancakes and muffins.