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Warning non-PB'rs about ingredients?

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  • Warning non-PB'rs about ingredients?

    We have a lot of family get-togethers and potlucks. I usually make a main dish consisting of some kind of protein but since I got my PB cookbook I'm thinking of making the Brownies next time as a desert. We do the same for parties where we mingle with new people not known to us.

    It got me thinking most of y'all "warn" others about contents of your recipes when you are sharing so as to avoid any allergic issues?

    Specifically, I'm thinking of the higher use of nuts, and nut meals/flours.

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    I've started to, especially at primal/paleo gatherings. Some people won't expect an entree to contain nuts/butters/oils, so I'd rather avoid any issues. Sometimes it's nice to make little handwritten cards to accompany the dish on nice cardstock as well (or do a computer print-out if you're feeling fancy)


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      I'll usually ask if there are any allergies I need to work around. If I get someone I haven't asked, I'll let them know what's in it.
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        Thanks y'all...and Marisa you brought up something I hadn't even thought about. I never even gave mind to the use of nut oils as a potential allergen too.

        My small mind thinks of "peanuts" which I avoid myself but I've only heard of one other person having an anaphylactic reaction to another type of nut -- from pecan pie. Kid was 19, at college and had no idea. They were not able to resuscitate him.
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          Hazel nuts were deadly to my grandmother. It didn't take much to make it extremely hard for her to breath and to precipitate a mad dash for the ER. I personally haven't gotten into making things with nut flour. I tend to limit my nut intake anyway and I haven't been trying to replicate many nonprimal things.


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            I am really upfront about ingredients. Not only because of potential allergens (though I don't really make anything with nut flours) but also because are working to lose weight by eating high carb/low fat. They know I've lost quite a bit of weight and they tend to assume that food I'm serving is "diet friendly". I always let them know that I don't skimp on fat so they can make informed choices.


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              Absolutely. My 5-year old son is allergic to peanuts and sesame, so we have to carry an epi-pen wherever we go. On top of that, he has really bad excema that is triggered by certain foods...mainly wheat. We use a lot of almond meal and they do eat organic basmati rice...we also take food with us wherever we go. That way, we never worry about the kids eating something we don't want them to.

              But yes, we ABSOLUTELY make sure the ingredients not "processed in a facility that also processes peanuts".


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                Originally posted by Marisa View Post
                Sometimes it's nice to make little handwritten cards to accompany the dish on nice cardstock as well (or do a computer print-out if you're feeling fancy)
                This is what I do when I take a dish to a potluck. I always like to know what is in the food I am eating, so I return the favor. It's pretty common in my area.


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                  People tend to freak out when I cook in lard. So i dont tell them and they just think its delicous.