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green slop... ;-) but actually,, pretty tasty... :-)

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  • green slop... ;-) but actually,, pretty tasty... :-)

    amazing, VERY healthy recipe of the day...! :-) (green soup)

    Just reinvented an old dish to make it tastier without having to use HIGH sodium organic veggie broth….. needed to make my own broth, to add TONS of raw veggies to…this makes almost like a VERY thick green soup..or green smoothie…

    I preferred it SUPER thick and not runny…but one could add extra water to it if a thinner consistency was desired…anyways, here it is..remember, this is overall, a RAW soup…YOU MUST NOT heat it….I found adding the pureed raw veggies to the sautéed onions and garlic was all the warmth it needed once mixed together since the onion mix was VERY hot…..

    1. In a small saucepan, melt approx 1 tbsp of butter and to this add 1 small onion or a half of a large one. To this add 1 clove of garlic. (I had jarred garlic so used about a tsp of it). Add some s & P too…

    2. Sauté and add a bit of water as it starts to stick a bit…this steams it even further and makes the broth. When onions are translucent, shut off the heat.

    3. In a food processor or blender, I placed 3 or 4 large chunks of cauliflower, probably a quarter of a whole one, let it process to tiny, added 3-4 handfuls of spinach, blended it…then added a half of an avocado. Pureed until it was mixed together then added it into the saucepan with the onion mix which was still hot but the burner was turned off. Took my Braun hand blender and mixed it all together to make a VERY thick soup. If you didn’t have a hand blender you would just add the onion mix INTO the food processer instead. Either way, it works and purees VERY nicely.

    ** obviously, one could use broccoli instead, or add spices …it’s basically a GREAT base for whatever veggie concoction you could come up with. This just makes a HUGE serving of raw veggies…easy to take with you somewhere…. Although it’s better to eat immediately since it’s ever so slightly warm. Get creative with’s fast, easy and SO healthy…not to mention, tasty….! It might not look so pretty…but your insides will be VERY pretty from consuming raw foods as OFTEN as possible. Sometimes, instead of always having to build or eat salads, this is the perfect, easier solution.