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  • Crockpots and Vegetables

    Okay, so while I've gotten better at this crockpot stuff, I just realized I'm still a newb.

    I am trying to clear some stuff out of my pantry and found the following ingredients:

    2 lbs frozen dove breasts
    1 bag of frozen stir fry mix
    2 16oz jars of spicy salsa
    1 can of artichoke hearts

    I was thinking of throwing all of t his into the pot and cooking on low for 8 hours while I'm at work tomorrow, but I am not sure how to treat the frozen vegetables. Would they survive or should I turn the pot on high and throw em in for an hour when I get home?

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    I'm not an expert either, but I'd go with the latter option. I think they'd get pretty mushy/unappetizing if left in all day. If they're like the frozen stir-fry veggies I have, they probably wouldn't even take more than 20 minutes to heat through in a hot crockpot.


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      i'm kind of a crock pot expert, since i've been using one for lots of years ... definitely save the veggies 'til you get home or they will be mush!


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        Thanks guys, I will cook it for 8 hours on low without vegetables, then throw the frozen veggies in and crank it up to high for an hour when I get home.


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          My plan on using dove meat backfired when I opened up the vacuum bag and it reeked to high heaven

          Threw in a bunch of frozen chicken breasts, which takes the unique factor down but should still be pretty yummy. I'm not sure how much simpler a recipe could get! I am pretty disappointed though as I was really looking forward to eating that dove meat.


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            Okay, so I have a bunch of huge Skin-On Chicken Breast w/ Ribs that were on sale at publix. I am going to try making an adobo like recipe but I am not sure the best way to put these things in the pot.

            Do I put them bone-side down or skin-side down? Or does it not matter? I know when I do roasts I usually put the fat up so it runs down over the meat when it renders... but i'm not sure how to treat these huge breasts (wakka wakka).


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              I would put them bone side down. When I've made ribs in the crock pot, I'd always read to put them bone side down. Good luck!