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In praise of thighs

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  • In praise of thighs

    I love chicken thighs. Dark, tasty, succulent flesh wrapped in crispy skin or simply naked. Can't understand why breast is so popular. Dry and tasteless.

    Thighs are close to heaven
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    Amen, peril!

    Just a few weeks ago, I officially decreed that I'm not eating dry breasts anymore -- can't stand 'em -- and will substitute all recipes with juicy thighs instead.

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      I used to be a breast man but after becoming primal I'm now a thigh man...

      What are we talking about again?
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        Yesterday's dinner was four or five chicken thighs (bone-in and skin-on, of course!) and a few drumsticks, tossed in the crockpot and adulterated, er, improved with the addition of Italian spices, olive oil, a drained can of diced tomatoes, a drained can of olives, a cup or so of chopped onion and half of a bell pepper, sliced thin. Primal chicken cacciatore - heavenly.

        But with chicken breast? It would have been downright nasty. Yay for thighs!
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          Thighs are definitely the tastiest part of the chicken.

          Well, after the skin . . . .

          And the liver . . . .

          And the heart. . . .


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            Yum! I buy thighs 95% of the time... cheaper AND tastier? Fairly flavorful even when you get the boneless/skinless ones? Yes please!

            The only time I buy chicken breast is if it's on sale to the point where it's cheaper than thighs, and I save it for dishes where it's gonna be covered in fat (wrapped in bacon, drowned in coconut milk) because otherwise the stuff's just gross.
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              Ya ! You are absolutely right ! Thighs are the tastiest part of chicken !


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                Another in agreement that the thighs are best! We had the Coconut Curry from the PB cookbook last night with chicken thighs. Yum! I do sometimes buy chicken breast meat for quick lunches/BAS.
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                  Another vote for thighs...!


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                    "...cigars rolled on the plump thighs of Cuban women"...oh, wait a sec, you're talking about THOSE thighs. Yes, they're wonderful!


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                      People eat them because without the skin, they are free of fat...the result being a protein rich food that is easily prepared to taste like straw. I recently changed back to thighs and love the variety and taste they offer. Take a bunch, toss them in a large freezer bag, toss in a bunch of spices, mix around and then grill for a heavenly meal!


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                        I used to buy breasts for the conventional reason that they are lower in fat. It's great not to have to worry about that. But sometimes I want a subtler chicken flavor. Dark meat can overpower other flavors. I guess also I am not real big on poultry. Much prefer pork or beef.

                        Chicken (and turkey) breast isn't tasteless to me, just subtler. My sense of smell is much improved since eating more primally. Apparently that isn't true of everyone.

                        Breast meat is only dry if you cook it wrong, e.g. skinless.
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                          I just had a Thai red curry made from succulent thigh meat. I never buy the breasts as I find them dry, bland and tasteless.


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                            yum! thighs are the best! i've been making them at least 2x a week lately on the grill. the skin is def. the best part! i stuff thyme and lemon juice under the skin, salt and pepper 'em, let them marinate for 2 hours or so, and grill 'em. couldn't be happier with that flavor combo.
                            it breaks my heart when i see someone buy a skinless breast.. the only time i do is so i can bread it in coconut flakes for chicken "tenders".


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                              For years I ate the dry chicken breasts and didn't even know the difference. Two months ago when I went primal, I bought thighs for the first time in years. It was true love at first bite.
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