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Soaking nuts - mold worries?

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  • Soaking nuts - mold worries?

    I just experimented with soaking walnuts for the first time.. Put them in salt water overnight, drained the water and let them dry at room temp in an airtight container for around 20 hours. I think they look okay, although their appearance changed a bit after soaking, but they smell like mold. Which to me makes sense because they were damp and sitting out all day, but I didn't think of it beforehand since I saw no mention of mold concerns online with any sort of soaking instructions. Are these okay to eat or should I toss them? Is there anything I'm missing here? Thanks!

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    I'm pretty sure they should be dried in a somewhat warm, non-humid environment after soaking. Unless you live in a desert climate, you'll probably need to use a dehydrator of some kind or your oven on its lowest setting. I really don't think they would dry properly in an airtight container (no evaporation). If they smell like mold, you should probably toss them and try again.


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      I did a bunch of almonds one time, left them in the sun to dry - or so I thought. They turned into a science experiment gone wrong in short order. If I'm going to soak nuts now, it's just the amount I'll eat once soaked. Easy to peel the almond husks when they are wet.


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        Definitely needs open air, not closed container, and I don't know if room temp where you are now is warmish.