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My first Primal weekly food plan - Any good ???

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  • My first Primal weekly food plan - Any good ???

    It has taken a while but i have finally got my first ever weekly meal plan together. Does it look adequate? Any thoughts ??

    B - Stawberry smoothie(protein)
    L - 2 minute Marks salad (chicken)
    D - Pan fried trout and veg

    B- Breakfast sandwich
    L - Tomato soup
    T - Roasted turkey breast with herb butter an veg

    B- Strawberry smoothie
    L- Chicken club wrap
    D - Baked cod wrapped in bacon+rosemary + veg

    B- Spnnach Frittata
    L - Tomato soup
    D - Beef bugundy

    B- Strawberry smoothie
    L - 2 minute Marks salad (tuna)
    T - Salmon baked in foil parcel with green beans + pesto

    B- Breakfast Sandwich
    L - Sunflower sesame crackers with shrimp pate
    T - Tbone steak mushrooms+veg

    B - Strawberry Smoothie
    L - Primal sunday dinner (chicken)
    T Caprese Salad (tuna)

    Add into that snacks of plenty of fruit, bakin bacon, cup of mixed nuts each day, primal poppers and leftovers.

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    Wow a planner, I'm impressed. It looks good to me, though I don't know what a breakfast sandwich is. I am assuming it isn't using bread.

    Also, it seems like a cup of nuts a day is alot. Not only the calories but I have seen others talk about other properties in them that may not be so good in such quantities. Maybe someone else can pop in here for that one.


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      I am going the make 2 cocount pancakes to replace the bread.


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        Coconut pancakes is incredibly clever for breakfast sandwiches! Have you tried this before? I'm not sure mine would stay together well enough for a sandwich.

        The rest of your menu looks great! Being prepared for snacks I think is the most important. I find I eat healthy meals, it's those mid-day munchies that will cause me to make poor choices unless I have a primal snack in hand. Good luck!


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          I have not made the pancakes yet but see here for the end result

          The plan is to have a fridge full of ready made primal snacks to dip into.


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            Looks really good to me -- is the wrap also something primal?

            I'm going to have to try those breakfast sandwiches!
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              You didn't state what your goals and objectives are. The menus sound fabulous and if made with primal ingredients should be great. I agree with the above poster to be careful with the nuts. You may want to run a couple of days through fitday or dailyplate and see what the calories and macros break down into; as the plenty of fruit and 1 cup of nuts for snacks seems too much (for example 1 cup of pecans is over 900 calories). Ideally, you should have primal foods available should a snack become necessary, but not schedule snacks. 3 meals where you eat to satisfied (not stuffed) should be plenty.


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                Those breakfast sandwhiches sound amazing!! Going to have to try those out!! and soon !!