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Pork Picnic Recipe Needed!

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  • Pork Picnic Recipe Needed!

    Hey everyone,

    Katie picked up a cut called Pork Picnic. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what part of a pig that is. Also, we're looking for a good slow-cooker recipe for this cut.

    We're currently thinking of throwing it in with some sliced apples, honey, cinnamon and apple juice.

    If anyone has any really good recipes, please share!


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    Picnic is the front leg, below the "butt." Together they make a shoulder. Makes good BBQ, or anything done low and slow.


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      There's an excellent slow cooking (stove top) recipe on this website for Pork Tenderloin and roasted root vegetable hash.


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        I have made the Garlic Pulled Pork submitted by Allbeef Patty a couple times and it's incredibly good. I didn't have any granulated garlic so I used fresh in the rub/marinade as well as poked in.