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Help me build a good soup

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  • Help me build a good soup

    Right now, I have some things to work with that need using up.

    Coconut Milk
    Green Onions

    I also have lobster stock to work with. I have lots of other ingredients but I thought there is bound to be some kind of good soup in here, I just need some help putting it together just right because I'd hate to waste these ingredients. I tried making a thai soup with a similar set one time and it was awful. Got any ideas?

    Little Saiyan

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    The lobster stock, coconut milk, salmon, and shrimp would be a good base to a curry. Add spices and some vegetation, maybe float the avocado slices on top as a edible fatty garnish?
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      I was going to say that these ingredients scream for curry. But naiadknight beat me to it

      You could also make a seafood chowder. Use the stock, onions, salmon, shrimp, scallops, a firm fish, anything really, add some sweet peppers, carrots, celery, maybe a spicey sausage, salt, pepper, I like red chili powder. Then top with cream.. yummy