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Summer Cassorole

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  • Summer Cassorole

    This has been a fav around here and since its squash season I thought I would toss this one over the wall and see if anyone can use it. We had/have a big family so this is easy to cut down for say, one or two or perhaps freeze it up for quick meals later.

    Large buttered glass casserole (8X10?)
    layer in in order:
    thin sliced onion
    patty pan
    crookneck squash
    and finally cover with grated Monterrey Jack Cheese

    Bake at 350 until veggies are cooked (use a toothpick or something sharp) and let sit after removing from the oven to setup a bit. Cut and serve.
    During cooking or while resting you may find it handy to use a turkey baster to remove excess liquids as the veggies are wont to produce a lot of liquids.

    This has been a family fav for many years. Enjoy!
    They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.

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    how thick do you cut the squash? that sounds fabulous.


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      patty pan? What's that


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        Hi folks. Glad it sounded good as we just love it. All my grown daughters make it with some variation. One daughter does not like mushrooms so she deletes it.

        As far as thickness, my wife tends to cut thinner at about a quarter inch. My daughters tend to cut a little thicker. Onions I prefer thin. Honestly, when I saw Meadows lasagna recipe this immediately came to mind and so I thought I would post.

        Pattypan or patty pan can be seen here:

        Give it a whirl. You will not be disappointed. Chas
        They used to call me No Neck, but now I have one.