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UK primal - Shopping and breakfast ideas

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  • UK primal - Shopping and breakfast ideas

    Hi there,

    after my welcome message it seems there are plenty of people going primal in the UK..

    So a few questions, i shop at tescos,we do it all online and it saves us a lot of hassle. A lot of the prmal recipes have some hard to find indregients, has anyone else found this??

    Breakfast is an area i am struggling in, i dont eat eggs so i am a bit stuck. Any ideas ?

    I am just putting together a week long meal plan and its proving to be rather difficult, i am sure it will get eaasier once i am in the primal mindset.


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    Hi Mase,
    I have been primaling (is that a word?) for just over a week now. I'm doing the usual supermarket shop but trying to concentrate on the organic stuff of course. I get my meat from a local farm shop (there are loads around) so at least you know where it comes from and can ask questions about how the animals are raised. I am going to hit the local farmers market next weekend, you might find this of help to locate one near you I don't know if you have the 'Julian Graves' chain of shops near you but they do big bags of nuts which are useful to have at home and in the car.

    Also and idea might be to try some different egg recipes or perhaps some duck or goose eggs if you don't like regular eggs.


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      Hm, I eat eggs almost every single day for breakfast - fried with bacon, omelette with veggies/smoked salmon, boiled with a salad...

      You can just try the same, but take away the eggs! I.e. bacon and fried mushrooms/toms/wilted spinach, smoked salmon and chopped peppers/olives, some salad veg with bits of ham, prawns or cheese (if you eat dairy). Of course, the leftovers from the night before - beef casserole, steak and veg, barbecued chicken and salad...

      These are just examples. Sometimes you can also IF, so not eat from last night's dinner until lunch or even dinner... Don't force yourself. On the other hand, if you're hungry, eat - there are a lot of healthy and tasty Primal choices!

      ETA: Also, which kind of ingredients are you unable to find? I shop in Asda, Morrissons, Tesco and Sainsburys and usually manage to find what I'm looking for in one or the other of these!
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        I forgot to add that I found little tins of Alaskan Wild Salmon (the best kind apparently and superior to regular salmon from farmed sources) in Morrison's Supermarket yesterday. They are a whopping 2.96 though, so not something I'll be eating every day. Good for emergencies though.


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          The majority of the recieps seem to use coconut flour or oil. Doesnt seem to have caught on in the UK yet.

          I like the idea of shakes for breakfast.


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            Originally posted by ukmase View Post
            The majority of the recieps seem to use coconut flour or oil. Doesnt seem to have caught on in the UK yet.

            I like the idea of shakes for breakfast.
            Hi mase,

            Try "Tiana fair trade products" or "coconoil" for coconut products online.i use both the flour and oil.


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              Re. Smoothies, there's a tasty recipe halfway down this page
              You can mix some or all of it up the night before if you are in a real hurry in the mornings.


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                Originally posted by ukmase View Post
                The majority of the recieps seem to use coconut flour or oil. Doesnt seem to have caught on in the UK yet.

                I like the idea of shakes for breakfast.
                I buy organic dessicated coconut and put it through a coffee grinder which comes out as a powder - works very well.

                For breakfast, I sometimes have kipper; sometimes herring roe with spinach; sausage bacon and broccoli; avocado with prawns and organic yogurt; smoked haddock poached on bed of spinach; tinned salmon made into fishcakes with broccoli - I find it best to make these the night before, same if I make burgers from mince which are a quick and ace breakfast with fried tomato and mushroom. But I also eat eggs quite often. Couldn't live without them!


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                  I'll second the recommendation of your local farmers' market or farm shops, if you're lucky enough to have such a thing - see for a few shops. They also have some mail order options - see also , and - and Laverstoke supply Waitrose, if you have one of those handy, with organic buffalo and wild boar burgers .

                  Breakfast... white fish? Dust with ground almonds if you want to dust it in something, and fry in coconut oil. My local health food shop sells the coconut oil, and so do Amazon UK.


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                    Kippers - excellent call. I forgot how much i love these.

                    I have sourced some coconut oil (11.99 a tub) from Holland and Barrots, i hope to pick up some nuts etc from here as well.

                    Next mission is to pop to the local farmers shop and ask if they can deliver a crate of fruit and veg each week.

                    Getting there, slowly but surely. Bakin Bacon is cooking away nicely as i type

                    Is there a primal UK group on facebook or similar, it would be useful to source out the cheapest place to get these hard to find items.


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                      If you like kippers, those John West tinned ones are fantastic and not too expensive. just enough for a meal. No bones. just warm 'em up...(mix with melted butter,if you like) and eat off gem lettuce leaves. An ancient food done modern. (a bit like finding Primal wisdom.....on a computer!)
                      activate the rhythm, the rhythm that has always been within


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                        you can get coconut oil and flour from amazon now too ( I get mine from a local health food shop where its quite a bit cheaper than amazon, so its worth looking around. All the supermarkets around here seem to stock mackeralls in EVOO, as well as curry sauces, chilli, tomato sauce etc about 90p for a 150g tin.


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                          Waitrose has what looks to be real fermented sauerkraut. Sainsbury's has something going under the name "sauerkraut", but I don't think it's the genuine product.

                          However, Sainsbury's has two types of its own sausages that aren't cereal-stuffed - Toulouse, and Sicilian. They also do an unflitered virgin olive oil.


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                            Asda have frozen "fresh" tuna for 3 (two portions) - I had it as sashimi and it was fine both asda and tesco's "value frozen white fish" is pollock (or at least it was when I last looked) - which is sustainable etc, tastes similar to cod and haddock.
                            What kind of area are you in? I found East End coconut flour (I don't think it was called flour though?) in a few Asian grocery shops. Coconut oil I've found in Holland and Barretts (only 6ish) and my local independent health food place.
                            If you have a Morrisons and feel adventurous, they do packages of soup bones, pig skin, offal etc. Well, the Northern ones do anyway!

                            Breakfast - try smoothies with coconut milk? But I'm afraid it's the expensive brands - Blue Dragon, Amoy - as own brand Tesco and Asda versions were FOUL.


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                              Is coconut flour the same as dessicated coconut, or is it more finely ground?

                              Has anyone felt inclined to start up a UK group on the site - I'd join, although I live in France. I visit family in the Midlands fairly regularly so I often stock up in the UK before coming home again.

                              Sorry, I've gone off topic a bit. We're talking about breakfast. I like sausage, bacon, and a huge pile of fried mushrooms.

                              How about a cold platter of meats, cottage cheese, a few berries, perhaps some fish.

                              In the Winter a big bowl of meat and vegetable stew - not what we're conditioned to think of as breakfast food, but why not?

                              Have you tried kedgeree made with cauliflower rice? You could freeze portions.

                              If you eat dairy you could have Greek yogurt or fromage frais with some berries.

                              For a treat try Mark's pancake recipe. In fact there are quite a few recipes using coconut flour or ground almonds on the internet.

                              By the way, I bought a load of nuts etc on my last trip to the UK as they're cheaper than here, and found that Asda were the best value overall.
                              I use the supermarket price comparison website It doen't include Morrisons, but it's useful for finding out what's available and there's some nutritional info available for the products too.