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Bananas, almond meal and coconut...oh my

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  • Bananas, almond meal and coconut...oh my

    I generally eat 1 banana a day. It's my sweet (may also eat some berries) and I thoroughly enjoy it. I've typically eaten it in "banana pancake" form with almond butter and an egg, but last night I wanted to try something different.

    I cut up the banana into slices. Then coated it in an egg wash. Dredged it through almond meal and fried it in some coconut oil. Let the slices cool down and topped it with some chocolate coconut mousse (just whipped coconut milk with cocoa powder then kept in the fridge).

    It was good..... The almond meal had given it a nice crunch, with the banana inside, and then the creaminess of the coconut mousse on top. I know everyone on here doesn't eat fruit, but if you're going to eat a banana...this is a pretty good way.