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Almond bread?

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  • Almond bread?

    I was thinking about making a test batch of almond flour bread this weekend,

    water, yeast, oil, almond flour that sort of thing, but I wondered if anyone had already tried it and was either successful and had some tips? or was unsuccessful and could advise me to stay the hell away from the evil stuff!

    hope youre all doing well out there,


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    Do you really need yeast? I've baked/nuked/fried plenty of things with almond or coconut flour or flax meal that rise just fine with baking powder.

    I find a limited amount of flour with a lot of eggs and also whey protein powder (which bakes really well) works well. Almond flour is very heavy and dense so you want things to help lighten it up. But I'm not a baker really.


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      almond flour, whey, and psyllum/flax mixture...butter....eggs...almond milk....baking powder...rosemary/salt/garlic/onion

      thats what i would use
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        Elana's pantry has some almond bread recipes.

        I haven't actually tried any of them, and they may need some tweaking to suit your needs.

        Good luck!



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          You don't need yeast, just do Baking Powder as stated. It makes a good base for pizza as well..... For more of a slicing bread, you need lots of eggs but it's a dense moist bread. Very Yummy.


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            This recipe is the best that I have tried so far using almond flour. It toasts up nicely but does taste a bit eggy.
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              Thanks Folks,

              that gives me a lot to work with, Ive always used yeast whenever I make traditional bread, so it just sort of seemed the thing to do, but always happy to give something new a go

              Thanks again for all the advice,



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                I've been wanting to make something with yeast in it, because I miss that bit of flavour. RF, if you do try a yeast dough let us know how it turns out! I still have a jar of yeast in the freezer...
                I found I'm just not eating any bread type things anymore - but I did thicken up a batch of sweet potatoe pancake batter with more coconut flour & egg (& walnuts) to make a loaf the other day...