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Sausage - Tell me about expiration!

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  • Sausage - Tell me about expiration!

    I just bought a ton of sausage from my COOP guy and it came in 3lb vacuum bags. I don't own a vacuum sealer so I figure once I open this thing I'm just going to have to eat it. I don't plan on eating it in one sitting, so I'm wondering once I open up this sausage how long should I reasonably expect it to keep in a ziploc in the fridge?

    It's smoked pork sausage, and it looks like it was smoked really hard so I would assume it is fully cooked as is. I plan on microwaving it in the mornings on my microwave bacon tray, so I'm hoping its fully cooked at least or I could be in for a less than tasty treat.

    Anyways, what's a good timeline to estimate on something like that storage wise?

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    Assuming it is cured it will last at least 10 days in the fridge. you can toss it in the freezer for months if it is wrapped in plastic wrap.
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      ...until it smells funky and makes a run for the door

      Is it dried? Or just smoked? The original concept of sausages etc was preservation, although how far that applies to modern products is anyone's guess. Can you freeze sections like Kev suggests?


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        Its smoked... I divvied it up into 3 pounds chunks and froze each section because I figure I can go through three pounds fairly quickly eating it every morning instead of bacon for the next few weeks