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  • Chicken Legs

    I made a big crockpot full of chicken legs yesterday. We ate'em just like that last night. What should I do with them tonight? The meat is lovely, just falling off the bones. What would you do?

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    Make stock with the bones. Cook 1 chopped onion in either chicken fat or butter until soft, add chicken and some of the lovely chicken stock, cook with 1 teaspoon dried tarragon. When heated through, add 1 desert spoon dijon mustard and heavy cream to make a thick sauce.



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      This time of year, I'm sure I'd put some of it on a salad, maybe with buffalo sauce and a little crumbled blue cheese. Or make chicken salad (maybe curry flavored), and eat it wrapped in lettuce.

      I put chicken in a quiche/fritatta, although some people think that's weird.
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        Salad! Or chicken salad in lettuce wraps like mayness suggested.

        I like chicken omlettes too, with veggies and cheese and spices It's not weird at all!
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          Here's what I did do.

          a layer of yam slices in a baking dish with melted butter
          a sliced apple
          a sliced onion
          I chopped up the left over chicken and shook into it some poultry seasoning
          covered with foil until it was all soft to a fork

          It was delicious! In fact, I was sorry DS#2 was home and we had to share.