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How to make your own Links/Hot Dogs/Franks/salamis/bologna etc?

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  • How to make your own Links/Hot Dogs/Franks/salamis/bologna etc?

    I've been looking around for some primal style recipes on the former and can't seem to find anything on them.(I may have missed it though, if so....feel free to simply redirect a gal ) I did find a few great recipes for sausages though....absolutely delish!

    I still need to get a meat processor (or I think that's what they're called) to actually make them once mixed....but once I get a good enough recipe to try I'll make me several large batches and freeze em....and microwave em for yummy snacks,meals and sides! I LOVE SPICY FRANKS!!!!! MMMMMMmmmm.

    I'm totally new to making them so as many tips as you guys can offer would be much appreciated, as always.

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    We have only made them once, but will need to make another batch. What kind of casings are you planning to use? Last batch was about 10 lbs, We had to go slowly with the meat chunks when we ground them because it got a little clogged. I have some relatives who swear that it is way better to finely chop your meat instead of grinding it. I have to admit their sausage is really good. I have one of their recipes but it is for 45 lbs of meat so I have never made it.

    As far as tips I can't remember any right now as my husband did most of the studying. I was the helper but he says he had to read a book. We got our book from this website.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.


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      I don't know what type of casings I would use....where could I find vegetable or kosher casings?