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Clafouti Fail?

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  • Clafouti Fail?

    I made the peach Clafouti recipe in the PB Cookbook, using almond flour, and placed in oven @ 375. After 40mins, tops was golden brown, sides were set, middle was liquid. Left in for 5 more minutes.

    Needed to bake the chicken, so took it out to cool. After chicken was baked, checked Clafouti. Center still liquid.

    So, we put back in oven while we ate...first for 8 mins, then another 10 mins. Even then, the center never solidified.

    I used a square 2qt Pyrex baking dish.

    Any ideas what might have gone wrong?

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    My wife made ours with coconut flour in a round pan and it turned out great. Was it too deep? Ours was 1"-1.5" thick.
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      I think the pyrex was too small and deep. I used a 3 qt pyrex oblong and it came out perfect.


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        Have your oven temp calibrated.
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          I had the same thing happen to mine. Baked the damn thing for an extra 30 min and the center was still liquid. I did a double layer of peaches which I think was first mistake. Second they were very very ripe so I think all the juice didn't help.
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            I did mine in a square type baking stone, so likea cookie sheet but with sides. So it was 9x11. The Clafouti itself was only maybe 1/2" thick TOPS. I would retry, but use a larger baking area so that it's thinner...
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              about 2" deep, and the pan is 9" on a side. Used two layers of peaches in that was 3 cups per recipe. I think those two items are the issue...too deep and too many peaches.


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                chalk that one up to experience... if you don't have an oven thermometer, get one. They are invaluable. Also, once you have mastered the clafouti, your imagination will run WILD & you will be creating all sorts of variations. Truely, they are quite easy & extremely versatile. I got my sister hooked on them a couple weeks ago. She made me one with cherries & cocoa nibs, topped with coarsely chopped almonds.


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                  I used to make these pre PB using a small amount of regular flour and they were fantastic. I've tried a couple of times since PB using the recipe in the book, and a couple I've got from other sources - and I haven't found that I like them as much.

                  I'll give it another go though - I LOVED to make a cherry tomato and anchovy clafoutis ! Delicious!


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                    I've made clafoutis using coconut flour and it always turns out perfect. I think because it soaks up liquid a lot better than almond flour.
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                      I made a clafouti with almond flour this weekend. The mix was 6 nectarines... then 4 T almond flour, 4 eggs and a cup of half and half. The recipe had you caramalize the fruit with some butter and sugar. I just used butter- but caramalizing seemed to seal the juices in the fruit so it set up really nicely. Anyhow, you might try that to get rid of some of the juices that the flour absorbs. It turned out really good.

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